Concrete & Core cutting Services

We perform coring into reinforce concrete for a diameter 6mm – 1000mm for any concrete thickness , vertical or horizontal Range of the holes as follows:

  • • HVAC ducts
  • • Electrical
  • • Plumbing
  • • Fire sprinklers
  • • Anchor Fixing

Concrete Cutting By Wall Saw

using Hydraulic and Electrical Wall Saw Machines for reinforced concrete and asphalt.

Cutting depth up to 740mm.

Wall Sawing can be of the following:

  • • Windows Openings
  • • Door Openings
  • • Duct Openings

Concrete Cutting By Floor Saw

cut quickly and precisely reinforced concrete or asphalt up to depth of 250mm Thickness with the use of floor saw to facilitate the removal of redundant materials