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Fire proofing

Our company have the knowledge, Technicians, machines and tools to install the following system:


-Fire Proofing (Cementitiuos and Epoxy Intumescent)

We follows the ASTM and BS Standard for the application of fire proofing of the steel structure such as warehouses, car parks, airport facility's both types of Cementitiuos and Intumescent can be applied according to the location of the Steel, to give the required fire rating 60, 90,120,150 up to 240 minutes to match with the specification required as per ASTM E119, NFPA 251.


-Fire Stopping Sealants (passive Fire Stopping)

Passive fire protection elements are designed to control fire growth and minimize the spread of fire, Smoke and hot gases, allowing occupants time for safe rescue and search, such system includes but not limited to the following:

Wall to wall joints, slab to slab joints, head of wall joints, slab penetration.